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Tips on How to Boost your Password Security

Need to Boost Your Password Security?

We use passwords for almost everything. From our phones, emails, and even our social media accounts, passwords are important to protect your privacy and identity. While some accounts such as those that have our personal and financial information may be a higher priority to keep your personal information safe and secure, there are certain ways you can improve password security on all your types of accounts.

Create passwords that are unique and long.

Try creating and using passwords that are at least 8 characters long, and feature numbers, capital letters or symbols. You should also choose passwords that are easy to remember but hard for other people to guess. Hackers use social engineering by guessing your pet’s name, parent’s name, significant dates, favorite numbers, and other very personal data that are easily searchable on social media.

Use a two-factor authentication method.

Many sites and services offer an option to verify your identity if someone logs on to your account from an unknown device. Usually you will receive a text, call, or email with a code to use to verify it’s really you. This is only required when logging on from a new or unknown device such as a different computer, tablet or phone.

Make sure your devices are secure.

Since many devices store passwords, it is important to keep your devices secure. This includes having a login password on the device itself. Many phones and tablets also offer fingerprint security or logins that are convenient and can ensure that only you will be able to access your device.

Never share your passwords.

Many people share their passwords with their spouse or children but it’s important to keep your passwords private. Also, try using more than one password for different accounts.

Following these simple tips can improve your password security and keep your personal and information and identity secure.