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How to Repair a DEAD Computer

computer repairTechnology is a norm in most schooling all around the world. However, students only get to learn the basics. One doesn’t automatically get a gold star in computer repair unless one pursues a degree in college for Information Technology.

Computer Science knowledge will largely depend on the amount of self-learning or interest a person has in the field. With all this, you might ask yourself if it’s possible for you to fix a dead computer.

Can You Still Revive A Dead Computer?

The level of computer repair that a dead computer needs to be fixed depends on how it even died in the first place. Contacting companies like Creative Computer Solutions Incorporated (CCSI) is always an option especially when you have high-risk problems with the life of your computer.

Many factors can affect how a computer stops functioning or eventually gets fried. A computer is referred to as dead when it doesn’t boot up even if you press the power button on it. One of the more common instances is when the monitor displays the no signal sign, and you can’t do anything to get it working at all.

  • Make sure to check if everything is working or not
  • Unplug your computer and try holding down the power button before plugging it back in
  • Try changing cables
  • Re-check the cables especially if the plugs are in the right places

These are just simple computer repair basics that you can try on your own. If all else fails, then there must be something more serious going on in your computer it’s best to call in the professionals at this point and have them save your computer.