Optimizing Your System – Part II

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Optimizing Your System – Part II

computer speedSometimes spending a few minutes every few weeks to do some routine maintenance on your computer can do wonders to keep your computer speed at its best. Some big-name computer stores charge $50 or more to do this for you but these are all things you can do for free. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:      `

Remove programs you aren’t using. Access the uninstall pane and search through the programs for ones you aren’t using. If you are uncertain what a program is, do some research or ask your network administrator before doing anything with it.

Remove temporary files and temporary internet files. Your computer stores temporary files to help access them faster in the future. Removing these files will help clear up space. PC’s have a built-in Disk Cleanup tool to help.

  1. After you’ve removed the programs and files you aren’t using, run the defragmenter program (Optimize Drives on Windows 8) on your computer will optimize files so your computer runs smoother.

Install Program and Windows Updates.Installing your updates will help your programs run how they should. They may contain security updates as well which are important for protecting your computer.

Run an Antivirus Scan. Running a scan on your computer can help identify malicious software that may be running in the background which can speed things up a bit.

Optimize your Startup. Access your Startup tab to manage which programs automatically run when you start your computer. On older systems, this can be accessed using the MSConfig application. This prevents multiple programs from running in the background that you don’t want running on startup until you access the program.

Restore your computer to factory settings. This is a last-ditch effort before buying a new computer. Create a backup disk to save your programs before attempting this. It’s best to contact your Managed Computer Services Provider to make sure you do this right. It’s just one of the many things we are here for at CCSI.

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