Resilient Network Security to Prevent Cyber Attacks 1
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Resilient Network Security to Prevent Cyber Attacks

network security, cyber securityGone are the days when Little Sister could secure her personal secrets in a diary and not have to worry that Big Brother was going to come along and steal the key or pick the lock open with the end of a shoelace.

Let’s be real; there will never be a perfect, fail-safe system and network security to prevent 100 percent of cyber-attacks. When you factor in human interaction, our ever-changing technological landscape, and the growing drive of hackers seeking valuable private/personal information, it’s easy to conclude why. So if you can’t prevent 100 percent of all cyber-attacks, what CAN you do?

Just like eating a healthy diet, exercising and practicing good clean habits can significantly decrease your chances of getting sick and help you get back on your feet much quicker if you do get sick, the same can be said for preparing your company’s system for a potential cyber attack. A good, resilient network security system’s first defense will of course be to keep cyber-attacks to a minimum by keeping up on the latest hacker patterns and trends, and then make updates to current security measures, servers and workstations. Its second job is to minimize and isolate any issues when a system does become affected by a cyber-attack. And lastly, the biggest challenge presented for a resilient network security system, is a plan of action to make the cleanup and restore phase after a cyber-attack much less painful.

This is an important and often a time-consuming task, but it’s pinnacle to maintaining the integrity of your business. This is why many companies already trust their IT and network security needs to CCSI. Contact us for more information or to ask how we can serve your business needs.