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Smart Phone Security – Are You Sharing Too Much Info?

Smart Phone SecurityWith the latest trendy apps popping up, many people assume that the app only obtains information it says it does. Think again. If you aren’t on top of your smart phone security, you could be sharing personal information about yourself and your accounts that put you at risk.

Privacy Policies and Smart Phone Security

This study which came out last month has some pretty alarming stats. Potential app users spent an average of 73 seconds skimming through the privacy policy; one that should have taken approximately 30 minutes to read. The study stated that 98% missed the “gotcha” clauses. One of the clauses would have required they surrender their firstborn child for payment!

App Security Issues – Pokemon Go Example

According to this article, the Pokemon Go app, which requires you to login to your Google account, had more than just access to usernames and email addresses, but to almost all of the information on the user’s Google account (photos, too!) The problem with the app’s security was addressed almost immediately, but this might not be the outcome for other app developers.

How Do I Know What Sites Have Access to My Information?

You’re going to have to do some research with each platform. From your desktop computer, you’ll have to login to each account. From there, you’re going to open up the settings and find where you can access a list of apps or sites that have access to your specific information and adjust them. This same article gives you some easy steps on how to accomplish these in various platforms.

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