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Ways to Simplify – Less Mess, Less Stress

simplifyTax day, April 15, may be one of the most stressful days of the year for people who are less-than organized. Getting through tax season can be very telling and may reveal that there are areas in your life in which you need to find ways to simplify and reorganize. ( published an article with 25 ideas on ways to simplify your business.) If you are sighing a big relief that April 15 has come and gone, chances are, this might be for you.

Where do I Simplify?

The entire hour you spent searching for that receipt from February of last year could have easily been avoided with some forethought, and wasting 30 minutes to search through random piles of paper at work to find that information you just had in your hand can also become frustrating. Take notes from situations like these and begin to evaluate your habits and routine tasks. Identify which habits and tasks take up most of your valuable time and focus on ways to simplify these areas first.

Here Are Some Other Ideas on Ways to Simplify

Use Technology to Your Advantage – Filing your documents electronically may take a few extra minutes on the front end, but you’ll thank yourself for it later when you can quickly and easily find important documents. Calling, emailing, or texting can also save you the time of walking across the building to talk with a coworker about something simple.

Dedicate Time to Focus – Setting aside at least one hour per day, preferably in the mornings, can help you get focused so that the rest of your day can be productive. Don’t accept phone calls or any other non-emergency interruptions during this time.

Delegate – The old wisdom of leaving some things to the experts holds true. If there are tasks you take care of that can be passed onto others and it makes sense, pass them on to coworkers or hire outside help from a contractor who is an expert, for example, an accountant or IT expert.

Schedule Better – Don’t let the tyranny of the urgent sabotage what’s important. Prioritize your tasks by what is most important and allow the less-important things go.


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