An IT worker setting up synchronization between two desktop and one laptop for a company's data recovery plan.
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What is a Data Disaster Recovery Plan?

Data disaster recovery plans are methods of regaining access and functionality to an organization’s IT infrastructure if a business is affected by a cyber attack or a natural disaster. Backing up your data no matter how small your business is, is essential. There are several risks that can disturb your IT systems and cause you to lose your data. To keep your framework from being undermined, you need to create a data disaster recovery plan.

Data Disaster Recovery Methods

These past two years our world has experienced a pandemic, fires, floods, and other disasters, all affecting hundreds of businesses. Now, it’s more important than ever to create a data disaster recovery plan. Here are a few ways to do that.

Data Backup

Backing up your data is the simplest method of preserving your data. There are a number of ways to back up your data from cloud-based systems to local USB tools.


Synchronization will keep two computers mirrored so if one goes down, the second one can take over immediately. This method allows for two in-sync computers to be kept in different locations.


Something as simple as having someone physically enter your business’ building and walking off with a piece of equipment is considered a disaster. Investing in cable locks and adding a tracking system like LoJack to laptops is an easy way to secure your computers. Adding a surveillance video system around your business office is a way to ensure if someone commits a crime you will have a record of it.


Losing electricity due to a storm or fallen try on a power line, can cause your systems to suddenly crash. Protect your system with a quality Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Professional Computer Services

Running a business is a challenge, but it is important to take time to make sure your data is secure. Setting up a managing service contract with a reliable business IT service company will help secure your data from disasters.

At CCSI, we offer data backup and recovery services to keep your data secure should disaster strike.

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