network monitoringProfessional network monitoring is a very important service to have, especially if you own a small business. In many cases, a small business owner cannot afford to hire a dedicated in-house IT department. It is often a part time responsibility of a staff member. Because of this, they often experience frequent network issues and constant computer problems. A good alternative is to hire an IT managed services company that provides a network monitoring service. This helps to prevent potential network problems without costing a lot of money.

Network Monitoring

What is server network monitoring? This is not about monitoring what activities are being done or watching your employees work. It is measuring the key health factors of your system. It is about identifying issues before they overload or shut down your network. It is about identifying potential network delays, monitoring unusual network activity, notifying and alerting the network administrator about overloaded servers, and also notifying the network administrator about any disconnected network devices.

Receiving these types of notifications and alerts can help prevent your network from crashing, and also prevent a potential system shut down.

Monitoring computer network activity can also help to detect potential malware attacks and viruses. If gone undetected, these malware attacks can sometimes cause severe damage to a computer network, which includes the loss of important company and client information.

Network monitoring can also help measure network traffic activity. This type of feature is very important for consumer based businesses. Information from this type of monitoring is often used to help create new products and develop new marketing campaigns.

In closing, the most important thing to remember about network monitoring, is that for it to be effective it must be done on a consistent basis.

Article by Scott Huotari, President CCSI, Google | LinkedIn