Illustration of a hacker fishing from a phone to someone's computer pulling at their email, representing the importance of email security.
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Why Is Managed Email Security Important?

Managed email security is important for businesses because email serves as their main communications tool. They use this to transact with clients, suppliers, business partners, and co-employees. With its purpose, confidential business files and information are being transferred through it. Guaranteeing your email is secure is important in order to protect these files and information from being accessed by unauthorized individuals. 

How to Keep Email Secure

There are various ways in which managed email security can be achieved. One is by using an email encryption service that will encrypt the contents of the email before it is sent. Another way is by using a secure server which will ensure that the emails are only being sent to authorized recipients.

Why is Email Security Important?

The transmission of malicious emails has become the entryway for cybercriminals into a business IT network. These messages are sent out with viruses, malware, and other cybersecurity threats that can damage your company’s sensitive data storage systems if not dealt with properly by employees who practice good email practices

Email Security Tips

A few basic tips to keep in mind when dealing with these issues include:

  1. Never open an attachment unless you know exactly what it contains.
  2. Always use a secure browsing mode like “HTTPS” instead of unsecured ones like HTTP (these protect against downgrades attacks which means someone else is trying to steal content while hiding their origin).
  3. Be aware of how many different accounts you have connected.

Finding an IT Services for Email Security

Businesses need to take the security of their email seriously. Business accounts serve a vital function in day-to-day communication, but they can be tempting targets for hackers looking to steal valuable company data or gain access to private conversations among employees (or even customers). An IT expert with managed services from an MSP has all of your bases covered: They’ll protect you against unauthorized reads/writes on files; delete threats before they get too far along so there’s no chance that anything gets leaked accidentally., etc.

CCSI’s Email Services

Your managed email security services will be available 24/7, guaranteed to protect you against any and all threats. With our specialized team of IT specialists monitoring your inboxes around the clock we’re confident that no matter what time it is – weekend or holiday- they’ll have someone on call ready for when something goes wrong. Email security is important because it guarantees the safety of your confidential business information. When you have our team manage it for you, you can be sure that your data is always safe!

Contact CCSI today to help manage your email security.

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