Why Your Business Needs Managed Services

Managed Services

Why Your Business Needs Managed Services

Does your IT infrastructure need to run smoother? Are you hiring IT professionals to travel and maintain a system in-house that doesn’t need to be in-house? In today’s economy it can seem like you’re boxed in a corner. If you’re tired of all the hassles and expensive hidden costs associated with the in-house IT hassle… then Managed Services are for you.

Advantages of Managed Services

The advantages of Managed Services are many. With a complete network setup and 24/7 monitoring of your operations, you can rest easy knowing that the remote monitoring systems will notify you and responsible managers immediately. With Disaster Recovery systems in place, your data is securely backed up constantly for emergencies and archival procedures.

Hosting your own network and dealing with the headaches associated is so 10 years ago. Many companies are struggling to continue their primary business operations with outdated software and insecure methodologies of doing business. With managed services, be aware that your networking infrastructure is updated regularly and security patches are implemented as they are created and distributed.

The reality of using In-House IT professionals vs. going with Managed Services is that both present their own advantages and disadvantages. A company that requires high levels of security will need to work with the best and brightest on a continual basis to ensure everything is being maintained properly. Managed Services can offset the long-term cost of network stability and security expenses.

Article by Scott Huotari, President CCSI, Google | LinkedIn

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