Computer Network Design: Factors to Design and Plan

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Computer Network Design: Factors to Design and Plan

computer network designA computer network is a group of computers connected together to share information. Here are a few computer network design tips. Setting up a network takes a bit of planning and design. We will look at some of the factors in planning your network.

Computer Network Design

Budget and cost are important factors to be considered right at the start.  Make a list of all that needs to procured, in addition to what you already have and how much is it going to cost. Compromising quality for cost, where you can and where you shouldn’t, this requires some good research and advice.

Location: You must assess the physical location of the computers and what would be the most suitable location for the router. The Router is the device that hooks all your computers up together and onto the internet. The network design must take into account expansion in the near future. How many systems might you possibly add to your network in the next six months or year? This will help you determine the kind of router you need.

Bandwidth: Another major issue that needs to be considered is your Internet Service provider. You need a good bandwidth that can take the traffic load. There is nothing worse than a slow network hampering your speed of work or interfering with your deadlines. Take into account the number of users and a few in excess, who might be accessing the network at the same time, this will help you decide on your bandwidth and the minimum requirement.

Security: The next big issue is a good security planned for the protection of your network. Having a firewall in place is important. Antivirus for protection from threats and bugs is imperative. There is a wide range of choices when it comes to antivirus software.

Backup: Getting a backup system in place is vital to protect your data. Defining how often you need to back up your data depends on the magnitude and frequency of data change.

Setting up your network is not difficult. It requires a bit of planning – how large a network do you need, what kind of bandwidth do you need the physical space that the network will cover and an approximate budget. The ground work entails a bit of research on the equipment and specifications you would need, the cost and quality. Thus the areas to note while designing your network are size of the network, cost, bandwidth and security. It is always worthwhile to follow the computer network design plan which will give you the key factors that you need.

Article by Scott Huotari, President CCSI, Google | LinkedIn

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