Good IT Managed Services Are More Valuable than Gold

Managed Services

Good IT Managed Services Are More Valuable than Gold

IT managed servicesDid you know outsourced IT managed services can frequently be provided at a lower cost than having in-house IT services? Not only less expensive, but you can work with a company that specializes in IT managed services rather than diverting only a small fraction of your resources and personnel to the task.

Given the complexity of IT security, having a dedicated team focused on constantly staying up-to-date on the ins-and-outs of computers is vital.

IT Managed Services

Specialized IT managed services with network monitoring offers you round-the-clock work support and services to help you whenever anything goes wrong. Things can and will go wrong when you are off the clock. Many viruses and malware operate by activating after they’ve already infected a system, so they have time to spread as-quickly-as possible. A dedicated IT services team can tackle this problem immediately and start addressing the problem rather than waiting until the next day. Time is critical when a network is compromised.

Technology shifts and changes rapidly; so quickly in fact it’s unrealistic to hope for one or two people to keep up with everything that is moving ahead. While a good in-house IT support personnel can keep themselves well educated, they are nowhere near as-capable-as a full team working to stay up to date with the latest and nastiest of network holes and compromises.

While an IT company may be more expensive than having someone in-house, consider the cost to your company if your employees are not available or experienced enough. You are liable of losing countless valuable hours and wasting time as bugs and security holes slow down your systems.

Focus is key when it comes to complex changing systems and you should work with a company that focuses on your system security to ensure the safety of your company and information.

Article by Scott Huotari, President CCSI, Google | LinkedIn

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