help desk support vancouver waLike most businesses you probably handle most routine computer questions and simple computer support issues with one of your more technical office staff members. What happens when an issue comes up that is more difficult to solve? This could be email support, desktop computer issues and troubleshooting network issues. The answer is Help Desk Support.

Help desk support provides businesses access to trained technicians to provide quick solutions. Many of the better IT service companies will provide Help Desk support for their clients. Problems may be solved with just a telephone call or there may need to be remote access to diagnose and solve problems. If a problem needs an onsite service call, then a technician can be quickly dispatched.

What are typical reasons businesses will turn to a help desk?

  1. You can no longer send or receive emails.
  2. You can no longer connect to a printer or your network.
  3. Your computer shuts down and you can’t restart it.
  4. You have lost access to the Internet
  5. Your password no longer works and you need help resetting it.
  6. Your server has shut down and you can’t get it restarted.
  7. You get some sort of system error and need help resolving it.
  8. Your computer has become infected with a virus.
  9. You need to add a new printer or other device.
  10. You need help installing new software or updating existing software.

CCSI provides help desk support by trained technicians. Our help desk is staffed with our in-house employees that will help you with email support, desktop computer issues and troubleshooting network issues. more on help desk services

Tip: Many errors are temporary and can be solved simply by shutting down your computer and rebooting it.

If you have a more difficult issue, please contact CCSI to see how we can provide computer support services for your business. Our service area is Vancouver, WA, Portland and Beaverton for onsite support.